Reopening of Schools ( 9th To 12th Students )

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Resuming of Schools for ninth to twelfth understudies: Check out total SOP rules.

NEW DELHI: The Union wellbeing service on September 8 declared that higher instructive establishments just as aptitude preparing focuses can continue their classes from September 21. Delivering a standard working methodology (SOP), the service requested that foundations actualize amazed study hall exercises with isolated time allotments, required six feet separation among work areas and complete cleansing of premises, among other COVID-19 security measures. All States/UTs are relied upon to follow the COVID-19 related rules gave by Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Look at the total SOP rule for the halfway resuming of Schools for understudies of ninth to twelfth classes on a deliberate premise, for taking direction from their educators.

Conventional Preventive Measures

The conventional preventive measures incorporate basic general wellbeing estimates that are to be followed to decrease the danger of COVID-19. These measures should be seen by all (educators, representatives and understudies) in these spots consistently. These include:

Physical removing of in any event 6 feet to be followed similar to plausible.

Utilization of face covers/covers to be made obligatory.

Incessant hand washing with cleanser (for in any event 40-60 seconds) in any event, when hands are not noticeably grimy. Utilization of liquor based hand sanitizers (for at any rate 20 seconds) should be possible any place plausible.

Respiratory decorums to be carefully followed. This includes severe act of covering one’s mouth and nose while hacking/wheezing with a tissue/cloth/flexed elbow and arranging off utilized tissues appropriately.

Self-checking of wellbeing by all and detailing any disease at the soonest.

Spitting will be carefully restricted.

Establishment and utilization of Aarogya Setu App might be prompted any place plausible.

Before opening up of the school

Arranging of returning of school

School outside the control zones just will be permitted to open. Further, understudies, educators and representatives living in regulation zones won’t be permitted to go to the school. Understudies, educators and workers will likewise be exhorted not to visit territories falling inside regulation zones.

Preceding resumption of exercises, all work territories proposed for educating/shows and so forth., including research centers, other regular utility zones will be cleaned with 1% sodium hypochlorite arrangement, with specific regard for much of the time contacted surfaces.

Schools that were utilized as isolate focuses will be appropriately purified and profound cleaned before halfway working is continued. The concerned educating and non-showing representatives (up to 50 % of the quality) might be called to schools for internet instructing/tele-guiding and related work.

Understudies from class ninth to twelfth will have the choice of going to the classes distantly/essentially or truly just on an intentional reason for direction from their educators subject to composed authorization of parent/gatekeeper.

Rather than biometric participation exchange plans for contactless participation will be made by the school organization.

Consistently, the educators and understudies will keep up a physical separating of 6feet separated, any place possible. Booking of exercises and seating plan will be made likewise.

Guarantee hand washing offices alongside arrangement of cleanser.

For guaranteeing line the board, inside and outside the premises, explicit markings on the floor with a hole of 6 feet might be made. Additionally, physical removing will likewise be kept up in staff rooms, office territories (counting meeting room), and different spots (wreck, libraries, cafeterias, and so forth.)

Assuming it doesn’t rain, outside spaces might be used for directing educator understudy communications, keeping in see the wellbeing and security of understudies and physical removing conventions.

Gatherings, sports and occasions that can prompt congestion are carefully disallowed.

The school should show State helpline numbers and furthermore quantities of nearby wellbeing specialists and so on to educators/understudies/representatives to contact in the event of any crisis.

For cooling/ventilation, the rules of CPWD will be followed which underscores that the temperature setting of all cooling gadgets ought to be in the scope of 24-30oC, relative stickiness ought to be in the scope of 40-70%, admission of natural air ought to be however much as could be expected and cross ventilation ought to be satisfactory.

Storage spaces of understudies will stay being used, as long as physical separating and customary sterilization is kept up.

Exercise rooms will follow MoHFW rules

Pool (any place pertinent) will stay shut.

Arranging and booking of exercises

All representatives who are at higher danger for example more seasoned representatives, pregnant workers and workers who have basic ailments to avoid potential risk. They ought to ideally not be presented to any bleeding edge work requiring direct contact with the understudies.

Accessibility and the board of provisions

Proper back-up load of individual security things like face covers/veils, visors, hand sanitizers and so forth will be made accessible by the executives to the instructors and worker.

Give a satisfactory gracefully of warm firearms, liquor wipes or 1% sodium hypochlorite arrangements and dispensable paper towels, cleanser, IEC materials on COVID.

Heartbeat oximeter to check oxygen immersion levels of any indicative individual must be organized.

Guarantee accessibility of adequate secured dustbins and garbage bins

Arrangement for appropriate removal of utilized individual defensive things and general waste as per CPCB rules

Housekeeping worker to be educated and prepared about standards for squander the executives and removal

In the wake of opening of the schools

At the section point

Access to have required hand cleanliness (sanitizer container) and warm screening arrangements. Numerous entryways/separate doors, if plausible, ought to be utilized for passage and exit.

Just asymptomatic people (instructors, workers and understudies) to be permitted in the premises. In the event that an instructor/worker/understudy is discovered to be suggestive, he/she ought to be alluded to closest wellbeing community.

Banners/standees on preventive measures about COVID-19 to be shown noticeably.

Appropriate group the board in the parking garages, in passageways and in lifts – properly following physical separating standards will be sorted out.

Section of guests ought to be carefully managed/confined.

Direct of direction exercises in the rooms or open spaces inside the school grounds

Guest plan to guarantee a separation of 6 feet between seats, work areas and so forth.

Faltering of direction exercises to be done, with discrete planning spaces, to take into account sufficient physical separating and sanitization of study hall premises

The encouraging workforce will guarantee that they themselves and understudies wear covers all through the lead of the educating/direction exercises.

Sharing of things like note pad, pens/pencil, eraser, water bottle and so forth among understudies ought not be permitted.

Direct of aptitude based preparing in workshops/labs

For handy exercises in research centers greatest limit per meeting dependent on updated spaces, might be arranged and planned as needs be.

Guarantee that the supplies have been purified, especially the as often as possible contacted surfaces when each utilization.

Guarantee a story territory of 4m2 per individual is accessible for dealing with hardware/work station.

Guarantee that individuals purify their hands when utilizing preparing gear. For such reason hand sanitizer ought to be given at workstations/recreation labs and so on.

Exercises in like manner territories – library, jumble/bottle, basic rooms, gym and so on.

Physical separating of 6 feet should be kept up

People utilizing the basic territories need to utilize veil/face spread constantly

Cafeteria/jumble office, if any inside the premises, will stay shut.

Transportation to and from the organization

In the event that transportation office is being overseen by the school, legitimate physical separating, sterilization of transports/other vehicle vehicles (with 1% sodium hypochlorite) will be guaranteed.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Every day cleaning of the floors will be taken up.

Arrangement of cleanser in latrines and hand sanitizers in other normal territories in adequate amount must be guaranteed.

Cleaning and normal sterilization (utilizing 1% sodium hypochlorite) of often contacted surfaces (door handles, lift catches, hand rails, seats, seats, washroom installations, and so forth.) to be made Page 5 of 5 compulsory in all homerooms, research centers, storage spaces, stopping regions, other basic regions and so on before start of classes and toward the day’s end.

Showing materials, PCs, workstations, printers, will be sanitized with 70% liquor wipes.

Profound cleaning of all drinking and hand washing stations, washrooms and latrines will be guaranteed.

Understudies and worker ought to be informed to arrange concerning utilized face covers/covers in independent canvassed containers set in homerooms, work stations and other regular territories. The equivalent may remain put away in the canisters for 3 days and discarded as dry general strong waste in the wake of cutting/destroying.

Understudies ought not be engaged with any of the cleaning exercises for wellbeing security reasons.

SOP to be followed in the event that an understudy/instructor/representative creates side effects (fever, hack, trouble in relaxing)

Spot the evil individual in a room or zone where they are disengaged from others.

Illuminate guardians/gatekeepers by and large.

Patient will stay separated while wearing a veil/face spread till such time they are inspected by a specialist.

Quickly educate the closest clinical office (emergency clinic/center) or call the state or locale helpline.

A danger appraisal will be embraced by the assigned general wellbeing authority (region RRT/treating doctor) and likewise further activity be started with respect to the executives of case, their contacts and requirement for sanitization.

Sterilization of the premises to be taken up if the individual is discovered positive.

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نویں سے بارہویں زیر تعلیم طلبا کے لئے اسکولوں کا دوبارہ آغاز: ایس او پی کے کل اصول دیکھیں۔

نئی دہلی: یونین کی فلاح و بہبود کی خدمت نے 8 ستمبر کو اعلان کیا کہ اعلی تدریسی ادارے جس طرح استقامت کی تیاری کر رہے ہیں 21 ستمبر سے اپنی کلاس جاری رکھ سکتے ہیں۔ معیاری ورکنگ میٹولوجی (ایس او پی) کی فراہمی کے دوران ، خدمت نے درخواست کی کہ بنیادیں الگ تھلگ وقت کے ساتھ مطالعہ ہال کی حیرت انگیز مشقوں کو حقیقت میں محسوس کرتی ہیں۔ COVID-19 حفاظتی اقدامات کے علاوہ کام کے علاقوں میں چھ فٹ علیحدگی اور احاطے کی مکمل صفائی ضروری ہے۔ وزارت داخلہ امور اور وزارت صحت و خاندانی بہبود کی طرف سے دیئے گئے COVID-19 سے متعلق قوانین پر عمل کرنے پر تمام ریاستوں / UTs پر انحصار کیا جاتا ہے۔

دانستہ اسباق سے ہدایت لینے کے ل for ، جان بوجھ کر نویں سے بارہویں جماعتوں کے زیر تعلیم طلباء کے لئے نصف اسکولوں کے نصف راستے دوبارہ شروع کرنے کے لئے ایس او پی کے کل اصول کو دیکھیں۔

روایتی روک تھام کے اقدامات

روایتی احتیاطی تدابیر میں بنیادی عمومی بہبود کے تخمینے شامل ہیں جن کی پیروی COVID-19 کے خطرے کو کم کرنے کے لئے کی جانی چاہئے۔ ان اقدامات کو تمام (اساتذہ کرام ، نمائندے اور زیر تعلیم بچے) مستقل طور پر دیکھنا چاہئے۔ یہ شامل ہیں:

کسی بھی واقعہ میں جسمانی طور پر ہٹانا 6 فٹ پر تعقیب کی طرح ہی ہونا چاہئے۔

چہرے کے سرورق / کور کا استعمال لازمی قرار دیا جائے۔

کسی بھی پروگرام میں ، کسی بھی تقریب میں 40-60 سیکنڈ کے لئے کلینزر سے ہاتھ دھوتے رہنا ، جب ہاتھوں میں کوئی حرج نہیں ہوتا ہے۔ شراب پر مبنی ہاتھ سے نجات دہندگان کا استعمال (کسی بھی قیمت پر 20 سیکنڈ کے لئے) کسی بھی جگہ قابل احتمال ہونا چاہئے۔

سانس کی سجاوٹ احتیاط سے پیروی کی جائے۔ اس میں کسی ٹشو / کپڑا / چپچپا کہنی سے ہیکنگ / گھرگھولنے اور استعمال شدہ ؤتوں کا مناسب طریقے سے بندوبست کرنے کے دوران کسی کے منہ اور ناک کو ڈھانپنے کی شدید کارروائی شامل ہے۔

جلد از جلد کسی کی صحت کی جانچ اور کسی بیماری کی تفصیل۔

تھوکنے سے احتیاط سے پابندی ہوگی۔

آروگیا سیٹو ایپ کے قیام اور اس کے استعمال سے کسی بھی جگہ قابل احترام تاثر مل سکتا ہے۔

اسکول کھولنے سے پہلے

اسکول واپس آنے کا بندوبست

صرف کنٹرول زون کے باہر اسکول کھولنے کی اجازت ہوگی۔ مزید یہ کہ ریگولیشن زونز میں رہنے والے انڈر ٹیوڈیز ، اساتذہ اور نمائندوں کو اسکول جانے کی اجازت نہیں ہوگی۔ تفہیموں ، اساتذہ اور کارکنوں کو بھی اسی طرح تاکید کی جائے گی کہ وہ ریگولیشن زونز میں آنے والے علاقوں کا دورہ نہ کریں۔

مشقوں کو دوبارہ شروع کرنے سے پہلے ، کام کے تمام علاقوں کو تعلیم / شوز اور اسی طرح کے لئے تجویز کیا گیا تھا ، بشمول تحقیقی مراکز سمیت ، دیگر باقاعدگی سے یوٹیلیٹی زونز کو 1٪ سوڈیم ہائپوکلورائٹ انتظامات سے صاف کیا جائے گا ، خاص طور پر رابطہ شدہ سطحوں کے زیادہ وقت کے بارے میں۔


नौवीं से बारहवीं के लिए स्कूलों को फिर से शुरू करना: कुल एसओपी नियमों की जाँच करें। NEW DELHI: 8 सितंबर को यूनियन की भलाई सेवा ने घोषणा की कि उच्चतर शिक्षाप्रद स्थापनाएं जिस तरह से उपयुक्त तैयारी पर केंद्रित हैं, वे 21 सितंबर से अपनी कक्षाएं जारी रख सकते हैं। एक मानक कार्य पद्धति (एसओपी) वितरित करते हुए, सेवा ने अनुरोध किया कि नींव अलग-अलग समय के साथ हैरान अध्ययन हॉल अभ्यासों को वास्तविक रूप दें। आबंटन, कार्य क्षेत्रों के बीच छह फीट की जुदाई और परिसर की पूरी सफाई, अन्य COVID-19 सुरक्षा उपायों के बीच की आवश्यकता है। सभी राज्यों / संघ राज्य क्षेत्रों को गृह मंत्रालय और स्वास्थ्य और परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय द्वारा दिए गए COVID-19 संबंधित नियमों का पालन करने पर भरोसा किया जाता है। अपने शिक्षकों से निर्देश लेने के लिए, जानबूझकर आधार पर नौवीं से बारहवीं कक्षाओं की समझ के लिए स्कूलों के आधे हिस्से को फिर से शुरू करने के लिए कुल एसओपी नियम को देखें। परम्परागत निवारक उपाय पारंपरिक निवारक उपायों में बुनियादी सामान्य भलाई के अनुमान शामिल हैं जिनका COVID-19 के खतरे को कम करने के लिए पालन किया जाना है। इन उपायों को इन स्थानों में सभी (शिक्षकों, प्रतिनिधियों और समझ) द्वारा देखा जाना चाहिए। इसमें शामिल है: किसी भी घटना में भौतिक निष्कासन 6 फीट को प्रशंसनीय के समान पालन किया जाना चाहिए। अनिवार्य किए जाने वाले फेस कवर / कवर्स का उपयोग। किसी भी घटना में क्लींजर (किसी भी घटना में 40-60 सेकंड के लिए) के साथ लगातार हाथ धोना, जब हाथ बिल्कुल स्पष्ट रूप से नहीं होते हैं। शराब आधारित हैंड सैनिटाइज़र (किसी भी दर पर 20 सेकंड के लिए) का उपयोग किसी भी स्थान पर संभव होना चाहिए। श्वसन सज्जा का सावधानीपूर्वक पालन किया जाता है। इसमें टिशू / क्लॉथ / फ्लेक्सिड एल्बो के साथ हैकिंग / व्हीज़िंग करते समय किसी के मुंह और नाक को ढंकने की गंभीर कार्रवाई शामिल है और उचित तरीके से उपयोग किए गए टिशूज को बंद करना है। सभी की भलाई की जाँच और जल्द से जल्द किसी भी बीमारी का विवरण। थूकना सावधानी से प्रतिबंधित किया जाएगा। आरोग्य सेतु ऐप की स्थापना और उपयोग किसी भी स्थान पर प्रशंसनीय हो सकता है। स्कूल खुलने से पहले स्कूल लौटने की व्यवस्था करना नियंत्रण क्षेत्रों के बाहर स्कूल को सिर्फ खोलने की अनुमति होगी। इसके अलावा, नियमन क्षेत्रों में रहने वाले शिक्षकों, शिक्षकों और प्रतिनिधियों को स्कूल जाने की अनुमति नहीं होगी। समझदारी, शिक्षकों और श्रमिकों को इसी तरह विनियमन क्षेत्रों के अंदर आने वाले क्षेत्रों का दौरा नहीं करने का संकेत दिया जाएगा। अभ्यास को फिर से शुरू करने से पहले, सभी कार्यक्षेत्रों को शिक्षित / शो और इसके बाद के लिए प्रस्तावित किया गया है। अनुसंधान केंद्रों सहित, अन्य नियमित उपयोगिता क्षेत्रों को 1% सोडियम हाइपोक्लोराइट व्यवस्था के साथ साफ किया जाएगा, जिसमें अधिकांश समय सतहों के लिए विशिष्ट संबंध हैं।
nauveen se baarahaveen ke lie skoolon ko phir se shuroo karana: kul esopee niyamon kee jaanch karen.

naiw dailhi: 8 sitambar ko yooniyan kee bhalaee seva ne ghoshana kee ki uchchatar shikshaaprad sthaapanaen jis tarah se upayukt taiyaaree par kendrit hain, ve 21 sitambar se apanee kakshaen jaaree rakh sakate hain. ek maanak kaary paddhati (esopee) vitarit karate hue, seva ne anurodh kiya ki neenv alag-alag samay ke saath hairaan adhyayan hol abhyaason ko vaastavik roop den. aabantan, kaary kshetron ke beech chhah pheet kee judaee aur parisar kee pooree saphaee, any chovid-19 suraksha upaayon ke beech kee aavashyakata hai. sabhee raajyon / sangh raajy kshetron ko grh mantraalay aur svaasthy aur parivaar kalyaan mantraalay dvaara die gae chovid-19 sambandhit niyamon ka paalan karane par bharosa kiya jaata hai.

apane shikshakon se nirdesh lene ke lie, jaanaboojhakar aadhaar par nauveen se baarahaveen kakshaon kee samajh ke lie skoolon ke aadhe hisse ko phir se shuroo karane ke lie kul esopee niyam ko dekhen.

paramparaagat nivaarak upaay

paaramparik nivaarak upaayon mein buniyaadee saamaany bhalaee ke anumaan shaamil hain jinaka chovid-19 ke khatare ko kam karane ke lie paalan kiya jaana hai. in upaayon ko in sthaanon mein sabhee (shikshakon, pratinidhiyon aur samajh) dvaara dekha jaana chaahie. isamen shaamil hai:

kisee bhee ghatana mein bhautik nishkaasan 6 pheet ko prashansaneey ke samaan paalan kiya jaana chaahie.

anivaary kie jaane vaale phes kavar / kavars ka upayog.

kisee bhee ghatana mein kleenjar (kisee bhee ghatana mein 40-60 sekand ke lie) ke saath lagaataar haath dhona, jab haath bilkul spasht roop se nahin hote hain. sharaab aadhaarit haind sainitaizar (kisee bhee dar par 20 sekand ke lie) ka upayog kisee bhee sthaan par sambhav hona chaahie.

shvasan sajja ka saavadhaaneepoorvak paalan kiya jaata hai. isamen tishoo / kloth / phleksid elbo ke saath haiking / vheezing karate samay kisee ke munh aur naak ko dhankane kee gambheer kaarravaee shaamil hai aur uchit tareeke se upayog kie gae tishooj ko band karana hai.

sabhee kee bhalaee kee jaanch aur jald se jald kisee bhee beemaaree ka vivaran.

thookana saavadhaanee se pratibandhit kiya jaega.

aarogy setu aip kee sthaapana aur upayog kisee bhee sthaan par prashansaneey ho sakata hai.

skool khulane se pahale

skool lautane kee vyavastha karana

niyantran kshetron ke baahar skool ko sirph kholane kee anumati hogee. isake alaava, niyaman kshetron mein rahane vaale shikshakon, shikshakon aur pratinidhiyon ko skool jaane kee anumati nahin hogee. samajhadaaree, shikshakon aur shramikon ko isee tarah viniyaman kshetron ke andar aane vaale kshetron ka daura nahin karane ka sanket diya jaega.

abhyaas ko phir se shuroo karane se pahale, sabhee kaaryakshetron ko shikshit / sho aur isake baad ke lie prastaavit kiya gaya hai. anusandhaan kendron sahit, any niyamit upayogita kshetron ko 1% sodiyam haipoklorait vyavastha ke saath saaph kiya jaega, jisamen adhikaansh samay satahon ke lie vishisht sambandh hain.

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