New Social Media Sensation of Jammu & Kashmir – Kinza Hareem ( Twin Sisters )

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Meet 3-year- old twin sisters, Kashmir’s youngest social media stars


The use of social media is growing at an unprecedented rate globally, and Kashmir is no exception. Over the years lots of faces from Kashmir have come into the limelight through social media, that are motivating the young generation in every aspect of life.

Latest to the addition are Kinza Aasif and Hareem Aasif from Bijbehara, Anantnag. The three-year-old twin sisters have become Kashmir’s youngest social media stars.

The adorable twin sisters amuse one and all on social media. These small videos are popular, and some have gone even viral.

Born on August 24, 2019, the twin sisters, Kinza and Hareem have grown up in a world where technology is advancing around them every single day. They do not know a world without social media, mobile phones or computers; they are well-tuned into the digital world.

“We Are (Twin Sister’s ) Kinza Hareem. In a World of Hatred, We are Trying To Spread Love,” read the description of their YouTube Channel Kina Hazreem, which has more than 15000 followers. However, it was their Instagram page that was more popular with 105K followers but that was hacked recently by some turkey-based hackers. Their new Instagram page has reached about 10K followers again.

Kinza and Hareem have turned into celebrities. Every weekend, people, mostly children, from different areas visit and click with them. Many influencers and YouTubers like Bandook029, Kashmiri Talenters and Funny Kashmir of south Kashmir. The content on their YouTube channel mostly focuses on their travel to tourist places, birthday celebrations and festival celebrations.

Born on August 24, 2018, the sisters went on their first trip to Saudi Arabia when they were just one and a half years old with their father, who was working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a doctor, but have to come back due to the second wave of COVID19. The twin sisters have almost visited all the tourist places of Kashmir. Their YouTube and Instagram account Kinza_Hareem (@kinzahareem_twinsisters) are run by their maternal uncle Jahangir Vaid, a teacher by profession.

“Initially, I used to capture their video just for entertainment purposes, but once a friend of mine told me to give it a try on YouTube channel. That was the time the idea struck me, and it worked. Presently, the channel is growing fast, and the response is very good,” said Jahangir Vaid, who has regularly managed their account since July 2021.

“We usually focus on the travel videos, although we have videos on birthdays and other things because it makes our content unique and attractive. Whenever we visit any place, people there love to meet and click with them. We only create short videos but are now planning to create large ones so that our viewership will increase more,” said Jahangir.

“They have the novelty factor attached to their content and cuteness quotient, and because of that people are more influenced by their videos,” says Altaf Khursheed, who regularly follows the twin sisters on YouTube.

“Kinza and Hareem are a complete package for us, if we didn’t have the girls, we can’t imagine having such a wonderful life. They have turned our world into heaven,” said another family member.

In coming November, Kashmir’s youngest social media stars, Kinza and Hareem, will travel abroad with their father, who has recently got a new posting in Germany. That place will provide a different kind of experience and exposure to the twin sisters, says the family.

Recently, for some time Kinza & Hareem got admission at Oxford Presentation School Anantnag & “In the coming few months, they have to go to Germany with their mother. We are waiting for their visa in between I will try to monetise the channel, and then their father will operate it because I don’t want the channel to stop, I want the channel to grow more and more,” said Jhon Vaid Administrator of Kinza Hareem Accounts.

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